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A installation by Tnmot Aztro X Kevin Hernández Rosa

Vault is the UConn Downtown Hartford Campus newly erected as a gallery ran by queer people of color, curated by queer people of color with a specific stake in how the UConn Hartford community consumes art. With the previous help from the early english writing student body at UConn Hartford; Artists Arien Wilkerson and Kevin Hernández Rosa will screen, curate, and install, conceptual works of art inside of the building. Arien Wilkerson will also be performing a 4 hour durational dance piece while the installation is active. Vault will provide insight into how we and our student collaborators composed works in relation to text, languages, images, objects, phenomena, embodiment, alienation, and more. Vault was made as a way to de-condition your mind in the context of how you digest and relate to your own ideas and the ideas of others. Along the way, Vault wants to test and question UConn Hartford’s presence and authenticity in its space. The Hartford-related propositions that Vault will engender speak to how one could understand the UConn Hartford Times Building as a new university site, engaged (but maybe also in ways in conflict) with its history and its surroundings. 

Vault will be providing the university with a gallery map to view all the works within the building. Vault installation will feature a decoding list on ways to interpret what you will see, copies of Kevin’s book “brandishing, EX-WRITER, etc.” Graffiti, monitors installed in obscure parts of school hallways, vinyl wall text, found objects, large scale and small images, small or large sculptures; rearranged specific pieces of furniture; as well as use of audio recordings from students which serve as material within Arien Wilkerson’s movement & sound durational performance. The performance piece redesigns the center of the main atrium, there is also a decoding conversation between Kevin and Arien available to all who seek more context on the performance piece, while its happening.