This year has already begun with a lot of reflecting, not just for myself yet the entire world. We have entered a time where the choices we make are now more important than ever.


Not to say your personal choices in life hasn't already impacted your daily grind or hustle yet for artist all around the world and specifically artists here in Hartford CT our voices are beginning to matter a lot more then they have before. I have been living with emotions I still haven't quite gotten a grip on however these emotions have been the driving force behind the performance pieces audiences will witness this 2017/2018 season.


Performance in Hartford CT is very non existent, white and not reflective of the community we really see at "Local" events around the city. What I am saying is built off of the pre years of oppression built in institutionalized arts and presenting houses.

It’s more than just racism it's all the “Ism’s” along with the funding they receive from Foundations and Government art’s grants.


I’m excited to challenge the institutions and policy makers this season, along with my audience by continuing to exemplify that you can be Young, Black, Queer, and an entrepreneur within the arts/ non arts sector, while building an equitable occupation for yourself that is sustainable for making impact to communities that really need it.  NO ! Not calling someone from somewhere else to do it, and NO not getting young people from other places to come here to make it happen either, and NO not a stadium.  


Are you ready to see stories of your community?


Are ready to see your loved ones, your pain, passion, social & political miscellany?


Are you ready to feel charged and moved by works of Art? Told by artist that reflect who YOU are and contribute to this city not just by living here ?


2017/2018 season offers a revitalizing take on what it means to be an audience member in a city where you do not feel reflected by its performing artist and stories.


More than ever I needed  to make work with artist who are not only citizens of CT but also artist who light tunnels filled with darkness so people can see clearly through them.


That's why it is so important for you to do what you can and support Tnmot Aztro Performance Art and Dance Installation LLC.


Support Universal Womb a story about womanhood written, directed and performed with an highly esteemed writer, director and all women of color cast. Help us get to our goal of $7,000 as we birth this authentic and original play created and produced with original music, as well from musicians all here in Hartford Connecticut. Here is the go fund me link -  Universal Womb Full production Fundraiser.

Azua Echevarria has written something truly amazing we all must take part in this work. I myself have seen my own mother fall in love with a man that ultimately wanted nothing but her labor and never her love, for me this work is important and it is NOW.


Support "DYAD" - an new evening length performance that my team and I are working really hard to create the infrastructure for. This encompass the work “EQUATORS”  in collaboration with David Borawski, Jon Paul LaRocco, and Joe McCarthy & “Gifts, Laughter, a Special Moment” written by Kenneth Reveiz.


This complex and minimalistic offsite performance will take place in Hartford's inner city, with the main focus of creating smaller audiences and more shows for local members of the north & south end community. I want to  bring you all into world I grew up in and the world I live in now.


Ultimately the goal would be to begin the negotiations that are needed in order to receive the downtown Hartford mainstream theater and presenting houses effort in making solutions with the artist who are creating and leading this movement already.


This season of work will grab those institutions and  audiences along with the upper corporate offices. Take part in pulling them into our world where young people, people of color, trans women and men of color, immigrants, muslims and undocumented folks, LGBTQ+ & Gender Non conforming people are making valuable work that builds sustainability, and change with financial and artistic equity.